The Man Pled Guilty

The man who hit Annette has plead guilty to Felony Drunk Driving,  Felony Hit and Run, and one more charge (I cannot recall what it is) related to Annette’s injuries. At least it means that this will not drag out over years.

I am glad he didn’t have the gall to try and fight the charges. I don’t know if this means he has a conscience. Hopefully he will have the courage to face Annette and ask her for forgiveness, though I am sure that is still a long way off.

I find the justice system to be a peculiar institution in that it attempts to provide a remedy for situations in which there are no remedies. Watching it in action can be stupefying and boring and stressful all at once. Court is not a good place to be under the best of circumstances.

I want this man to reap what he has sown. I do not need revenge, and no court can provide justice considering the circumstances. However, I am placing my faith in the justice system. His sentencing will take place on Feb 13.

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